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Stress assessment test

This test was taken from the website Lessons for Living and is not intended to replace a psychological assessment, however if your result is a high number, it is suggested that you seek professional help.



Answer Yes or No to these twenty questions and see how your stress level is doing:


1. Do you neglect your diet often?


2. Do you try to do everything yourself often?


3. Does it explode easily?


4. Are you often looking for unrealistic goals?


5. Can't you often see humor in situations that others find funny?


6. Are you frequently easily irritated?


7. Do you make “storm out of a glass of water” with everything often?


8. Do you often complain that you are disorganized?


9. Do you keep everything inside yourself often?


10. Do you neglect exercise often?


11. Do you have few supportive relationships often?


12. Do you rest too often?


13. Are you frequently irritated when you are waiting?


14. Do you often ignore the symptoms of stress?


15. “Do it later” often?


16. Do you often think that there is only one right way to do something? (something?)


17. Can't you often find time to relax daily?


18. Do you often spend a lot of time complaining about the past?


19. Do you often spend the day in a rush?


20. Do you often feel unable to handle everything you need to do?


Calculate your score - For each SIM = 1 point




1-6 Few concerns


7-12 Very Good Control


13-17 Danger zone. Caution!


18+ Stressed. You may need help

Source: (free translation)





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