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Emotional Regulation 

Your emotions define how you interact with everything in life: your relationships, how you manage your money, your time, challenges and even your health.


What are the consequences of poor emotional management?


There are obvious risks in not adequately moderating emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear: damage to relationships, be they professional or personal, due to overreaction, unnecessary suffering, missed opportunities, because they seemed very frightening.


Have you ever suffered  in your life by saying something in a moment of anger?


What opportunities did you miss out by being too afraid?


How many times did you suffer for having made “a storm in a glass of water”?


Did you know that emotions directly affect the functioning of your body? Emotions based on fear stimulate the release of a set of chemicals, while emotions based on love release a different set of chemicals. If fear-based emotions, whether long-term or chronic, damage chemical systems, the immune system, the endocrine system and all other systems in your body. Our immune system weakens and many serious diseases can arise. We call this relationship between emotions, thought and body "Medicine Body / Mind"


By regulating your emotions, you will have more control in the way you react to everyday situations, giving you the opportunity to choose the management of your life, your state of mind and even your health.


Have you ever imagined what your life will be like without being "hostage" to your emotions?


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