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What is Matrix Reimprinting?

“Transform your beliefs, transform your life” *


Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is a fourteen-year-old Energy Psychology protocol that has been considered an effective and gentle method to release past traumas, emotional and physical issues, as well as helping you to manifest your goals and dreams, created by Karl Dawson , one of my teachers.


Inherent in the MR process is the unique tool that eliminates adverse feelings, negative learning and painful past events. By returning to the past and helping your younger self through the negative event in a new, positive way, you can really change the fundamentals of your reactions to the world in a more optimistic and productive way.


MR supports and shares concepts from quantum physics, Heartmath **, inner child and work from parts of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and much more. Through an integration of smooth steps that configure the reconsolidation process of memory, the "reprint" part of Matrix Reimprinting, changes the mind, body and spirit reference images to create a happier, more relaxed and healthier person.


In Matrix Reimprinting we see past negative memories being kept as images or holograms in your “body-field”. Until you transform them, you will continue to tune them to a subconscious level and they will affect your health, well-being and point of attraction. Changing images creates both physical and emotional healing, and allows you to attract more positive experiences in your life.


MR follows the protocols established for the reconsolidation of therapeutic memory as established by Ecker, and others, which allows the client to transform the emotional learning related to past traumatic events, to transform the sensation and beliefs / decisions taken at the time of the adverse event, without changing the autobiographical details of past circumstances and therapeutically altering what the client feels about the event.

Matrix Reimprinting allows the person to also create / imagine future events in order to explore the root cause of the limitation / negative beliefs and find the life circumstances that are the specific cause, then being able to address and resolve them.

* Karl Dawson

** Heartmath Institute


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