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Sports Injuries

There are many treatments for sports injuries and a health professional can suggest rest, ice, compression and elevation for superficial injuries.


If the injury is more severe, it is likely that a physical therapist or sports injury specialist will design a rehabilitation program and the treatments offered by Well-Being sessions can complement any rehabilitation or treatment program you are undergoing.


Athletes, dancers and sports professionals are generally more likely to try innovative techniques for their recovery, so that they can return as soon as possible to do what they love.


The tools used are innovative for injuries and with great results. One of the techniques EFT will be taught, so that you can continue to use it not only during your rehabilitation but also in your sports training .


Would you like to speed up your recovery and return to your sport?


Book a free 20-minute consultation where we will talk about you, your challenges and how Well-Being sessions can help you.

Do you have any questions? Ask me.

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