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Promotes psycho physiological regulation (mind/body regulation). It is a technique that uses state-of-the-art therapeutic technology based on micro-current (low voltages) that corrects physiological processes, teaching the body to behave in the face of dis-ease.


It uses processes such as the interpretation of brain waves, heartbeats, muscle tension, breathing and skin temperature among others.


Biofeedback corrects the nervous and emotional system, detoxifies pathogens and heavy metals, reduces pain and inflammation. Increases the absorption of supplements.

It works in such important areas as: immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.



QUEST9 Biofeedback  with EU certification helps you manage and reshape stress patterns.


In this way, Biofeedback acts not only in solving any problem diagnosed by a specialist or any symptom felt by the person, but also in preventing it, by detecting issues that have not yet been manifested, always with the aim of returning them to their natural state. , which is health. Biofeedback is a training process


Who is this for?

Biofeedback is for people of all ages and conditions. People with epilepsy, pacemakers or pregnant women require special care. It does not produce side effects or has contraindications.

                                    MAIN BENEFITS

BEHAVIORAL - Improves sleep quality, works addictions, weight loss, appetite control and food cravings.

MENTAL HEALTH - Reduction of anger, fears, apprehensions and melancholy. Anxiety control and stress reduction, relief of depressive states, tensions and nervousness. Mental clarity, enhanced memory and attention.

PHYSICAL HEALTH - Regulation of hormones and the immune system, chronic fatigue, nutrition (rebalance of minerals, vitamins, etc). Chelation (elimination of heavy metals), allergic desensitization, relief of respiratory problems, muscle mobility and pain reduction.


The QUEST9 Biofeedback system is not a diagnostic method, nor is the therapist a doctor, and we completely reject the term "quantum medicine". It is a therapy that provides patients with crucial information about stress, motivating them to change their lifestyles in order to promote overall health and well-being. For health care please consult your physician.

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