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Pain Relief

Does your pain prevent you from enjoying life? Would you like to feel better physically, more empowered about your life and ready to enjoy your day to day with more pleasure?

In Well-Being sessions we (re)train the mind, body and energy patterns, we use tools that have shown positive results in pain relief, and often even its eradication such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Biofeedback.


Do you feel frustrated and angry because you see limited ability to do the most basic activities of your day - such as walking, dressing, sleeping, etc.? Were you told that you will have to live with that pain forever? Do you feel isolated and without motivation to socialize? Do you feel discouraged that you have not yet been able to relieve your pain?


Pain is always a physical and emotional experience.

When we think about physical pain, we usually think about what caused it: like the car accident that left him with pain in his neck, the fall that caused him an injury, or playing his favorite sport that caused him to stretch and strain.


Even when physical trauma seems to have been solely responsible for the pain,  patterns of energetic disharmony are often the cause of chronic pain and the element often overlooked in recovery. .


Research shows that stress, attitudes and beliefs about what happened and about your recovery also play a big role in the pain process, especially in chronic pain.

We now have more information about the brain as it has the capacity to change - this is called neuroplasticity - which means that if we (re) train our brain we can change our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and we can change our pain.

Did you know that: Physical pain and emotional pain activate similar brain regions?

Dr. John Sarno (professor of rehabilitation medicine at New York University School of Medicine and assistant physician at the Howard A. Rusk Institute of rehabilitation medicine, New York University medical center), believed that our brain used the pain to distract us from feeling negative emotions.


Book a free 20-minute consultation where we will talk about you, your difficulties and how Well-Being sessions can help you.

Do you have any have any  questions? Ask me.

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