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Elevate your energy

improve your life

Therapies for your physical and emotional well-being
Online or in person


Hi, I'm Sandra Bensaude

I graduated in Business Management from Mount Vernon College

in Washington.DC, USA. I worked for several years as a businesswoman

in the children's clothing business.

At a certain point in my life, the lack of personal fulfillment spoke louder. I knew it was in helping others that I would find satisfaction

. But how would I do it?

I started with physical relaxation and completed the Recovery and Electrotherapy Massage therapist course at SIMAC in Lisbon and the

Chair Massage by TouchPro UK in London, England

and I founded Uma Pausa Dinâmica - a company with wellbeing services aimed at company employees.

Having more contact with clients and their physical pains

I was curious to find out why the pain often came back, even after having had several physiotherapy sessions or other treatments.

This search led me to explore the mind-body-energy connection, the influence of our emotions on pain and the importance of our energy field. All of this led me to the path of energy psychology (EFT and Matrix Reimprinting) and bioenergetic therapies (Biofeedback / quantum therapy and Emotion Code).

My way of working with pain, stress or limiting beliefs

is based on the importance of our energy vibration in our

welfare. Long-known concept but without the basis

that now exists to prove it.

I develop my work by understanding the different

variants of each human being, following and respecting the time of each one and the place where he is in his individual journey.

My role is to offer a safe space for your journey, help to release physical, emotional and energetic blocks and share tools that you can use in your daily life.

My greatest satisfaction and privilege is to accompany and witness the transformation of my clients.

Elevate your energy, improve your life


For your physical and emotional well-being.



Additional training

Biofeedback Specialist certified by 

BANHS - The Board of Advanced Natural

Health Sciences

Accredited, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner by EFT International

PNL Practitioner (PNL Portugal)

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner  

(pioneer in Portugal) (UK & USA)

Emotion Code Practitioner

(pioneer in Portugal) (USA)

Accredited-Advanced-Practitioner-Seal (1

Chair Massage (Touchpro, UK)

Recovery Massage therapist (S.I.M.A.C, Portugal)

Business  Administration  (formerly Mount Vernon College

now American University, U.S.A.)

Tapping Out Of Trauma 1 (USA)

Tapping Out Of Trauma 2 (USA)


Donna Eden Energy Medicine Introductory Training. (Portugal)



"Me puse en contacto con Sandra a través de Skype después de haber recurrido a varios profesionales. Tenía síndrome del intestino irritable, dolores de cabeza y taquicardia. Nunca imaginé que a través de Skype ella podría ayudarme, pero para mi sorpresa, los síntomas desaparecieron. Ha sido un trabajo maravilloso el que Sandra ha estado haciendo para ayudarme a recuperar la confianza y superar mis miedos y problemas emocionales que han durado muchos años.

Ni la distancia, ni la lengua fueron impedimentos para su ayuda."

M.E.P -Santiago-Chile (online sessions)





Just to say… thank you… I’ve had a pain free day after seeing you today…if I can do it today I can do it again. Really thanks.


—  Name, Title




This is a good opportunity to experience EFT first hand.

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, pain, frustration, loneliness, sadness?

Have you heard about EFT but need more practice to apply it? Have you done individual sessions and want to continue working, but in a group? For a lower price than individual sessions?

Join our weekly EFT Group. It is open to anyone who wants to try EFT in an online group environment and no knowledge is required.




How does the group session go?

It starts with a brief explanation of the points of the EFT tapping technique for those who are not familiar with it. We started the practice of EFT Tapping by addressing some generic themes, such as: stress, pain or anxiety. Then, we can delve into a specific issue, depending on the consensus of the group. Group participants volunteer for the opportunity to work on specific issues for each of them, allowing the group to accompany them on tapping. There is no obligation to do this, only if you feel comfortable doing it. The other participants, before starting to tap on the question of the colleague, identify their own subject for themselves and evaluate the intensity of the discomfort that causes them at the moment.

Tapping = light touches with the fingers on certain acupuncture points on the Chinese meridians.

What does borrowed benefits mean?

When we tap for other people in the group, we are also doing it for ourselves. It is called "Borrowed Benefits" and it works in an amazing way.

Group EFT is an ideal environment for "borrowed benefits" as we tap together. The reason “borrowed benefits” work so well is that we, as human beings, have parallel problems (such as sadness, anxiety, anger, pain) that are part of the human condition. We can help relieve our own pain by helping others to do the same.


Drª. Peta Stapleton Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Bond University (Australia) recently completed a study on the benefits of group EFT.

A recent study has shown that EFT in groups works.
43% reduction in cortisol (stress hormone) after 1 hour of tapping.


Articles, Talks , Recommended Videos


Sandra Bensaude's article on Emotion Code- ZENenergy magazine, special edition- Alternative Therapies 2017


Sandra Bensaude's article on Matrix Reimprinting - Reiki & Yoga + Therapies magazine - April 2018


Sandra Bensaude's article published

in the EFT Insights of 12/3/2013


1st International Meeting of Bright Minds of EFT - The relationship between Chronic Pain and Emotions.

Online Congress on Anxiety Disorders / Panic Syndrome - Emotion Code


How does EFT work?

What is the Emotion Code?

Reading a Book



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Thank you for your contact!

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